Monday, 16 December 2013

Tool to view big data file

I have to load big data files using SSIS or SQL server Import/Export wizard. Most of the time it works fine but if it fails and I have to view the data to debug then it is simply impossible to view the data because most of the text editor cannot open file which too big (size in multiple of GBs). So  I have developed small tool which can help to read or view a big file which cannot be opened in normal text editor.  This tool can also be use full if you are developing SSIS package to load big file and want to create small sample file from big file during development.

Click here to download the tool.

Features of the tools

 - Load big file (no limit on size)
 - View data page by page. Page size is configurable.
 - Save page in different file.
 - Go to any page in file.
 - Displays line number across  pages.

 - It uses Temp directory to store data pages while opening file. So virtually it can occupy similar disk space as the original file.
- It can only read file line by line. So if lines are not separated by {CR}{LF} then it cannot do data paging.
- It can only work with ANSI data.

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