Thursday, 28 July 2011

Journey of SQL Server

Today we all know and use Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2, latest release from Microsoft. But some of us don't know about the history of SQL server. So I thought let start from it. 

Here is the major landmark in the life of SQL Server

  • 1987: Sybase Corporation released its first relational database system under the name of Sybase SQL Server for UNIX.
  • 1988: Sybase, Microsoft and Ashton-Tate co-developed SQL sever for OS/2 for PC.
  • 1993: Till this year Microsoft and Sybase has co-developed and release SQL Server 4.21, then co-development ended. Microsoft released SQL server 4.2.1 under the code name SQLNT for Windows NT.
  • 1995: SQL Server 6.0, first Microsoft only version released under the code name SQL95.
  • 1996: SQL server 6.5 released under the code name Hydra. Enterprise Manager (StarFighter I) and SQL Server Agent (Star Fighter II) born with this version release.
  • 1997: SQL Server 7.0 released under the code name Sphinx. This version has included Replication, OLAP services, Full Text Search.
  • 2000: SQL Server 2000 released with code of Shiloh. It came with features like Indexed Views, Distributed Partitioned Views, Clustering, XML Support, ser Defined function, Reporting Services, Data Mining Tool etc.
  • 2003: SQL Server 2000 64 bit version released. Code name Liberty.
  • 2005: SQL Server 2005 released under the code name of Yukon. Which came with lots of new feature
  • 2008: SQL Server 2008 released under the code name of Katmai. See this for details.
  • 2010: SQL Server 2008 R2 released under the code name of Kilimanjaro. SQL Server Azure released under the code name of Matrix.
  • Next coming version is under the code name of denali.

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